Fashion From the 2014 Golden Globes

I had a major problem this week with TWO awards shows. I really want to do the fashion from the People’s Choice Awards, but decided to save that since the Golden Globes are a little bigger. But don’t worry. The PCAs had some AWESOME dresses that I will definitely be reporting on, so keep your eyes open. Until then, the fashion from the Golden Globes will have to do. I know, we live such difficult lives.

This year was INCREDIBLE. Usually there are quite a few that I’m not really into, but this year I loved almost everything. So much so that it’s hard to pick a favorite so I’m literally not even going to try. Instead, for ease of identifying the pictures with the celebrity, I’ll be doing it by alphabetical order by first name.

Amber Heard wore this gorgeous navy Versace with a slit pretty much right up to her hip. She sort of mimicked the shape of the top of the dress with her hair, which made the whole look come together. Amy Adams had a dress as bright as the carpet, maybe even brighter. It was a really simple Valentino with darker fabric around the bosom to really bring her top half into the spotlight.

I literally died over Cate Blanchett’s lacy black Armani. It looked so delicate. Like if you touched it, it would crumble. Emma Roberts made it all about her earrings and pretty face in a plain black Lanvin and pulled back hair. Jennifer Lawrence wore a Christian Dior gown (surprise, surprise since I’m pretty sure that’s her favorite designer). If you go by Colton Haynes’ Instagram (which I just HAD to post for you), he thought it looked like a white comforter with two belts. And really, he’s right. But somehow JLaw always pulls things off. Literally. I mean, we now know she can look gorgeous even in a comforter.

Jessica Chastain showed off her curves in a black Givenchy with detailing around the hips. Kate Beckinsale wore a silver fitted mermaid tail Zuhair Murad that I stared at for about five minutes. Seriously. She has one of the best sense of styles out of anyone on the red carpet today or in history. I don’t think I’ve seen an outfit choice of hers yet that I didn’t go gaga over.

Kate Mara’s sexy J. Mendel really surprised me. I’ve always thought she was pretty and well-dressed, but this whole classy sexpot thing really threw me. I’m sure she’s always sexy, yet for some reason I always think of her as more just beautiful. Not anymore. Not after that dress. She is DAYUM sexy.

For pictures and to continue reading on Fierce and Free Fashion’s page, click this link:

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