Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Trends: Colorful and Crazy Pop Art

Spring is my favorite time of the year. It’s when dead trees spring to life and flowers bloom where just dirt and snow sat for months and months. Just like in the world, the dark colors of fall and winter fashion transition into colors, and practical pieces can be shunned to make room for more whimsical looks full of freedom and flirtiness. Spring/Summer 2014 kind of takes that to the next level by taking the quirky stylings of pop art and using them as prints and patterns on the runway. It makes for an energizing look to get you through those rainy spring days.

There are a lot of different ways to wear this look. For the truly daring, I’d go with Prada, where women’s faces were plastered on everything from purses to fur coats. Honestly, even though I don’t even wear many prints or patterns, I found their collection to be really colorful and exciting. The only thing I really had against it was the bras over the top of everything, which I just thought was totally weird, but the rest of the collection made me just kind of happy and giddy. If I was wearing one of those pieces, I’d probably be skipping down the street singing “Supermodel” by Jill Sobule (since I ALWAYS seem to be singing this song, or “If I Only Had a Brain,” which doesn’t really bode well for my self-esteem). For those of you who might not know the song, it’s the song from the scene in Clueless where Cher and Dionne give Tai a makeover. If you don’t even know it from there, then you’re speaking heresy. That movie is a must for any fashionista.

Not into women’s faces, then go for the lips all over the clothes at Giles. They’d be a good opening line for a conversation, and if you wanted to get cheeky, they’d be good for that too. What I like best is that you just can’t be in a bad mood wearing these pieces. If you work at a place that’s conservative, you can wear one of the pieces with just a small amount of lips that people could assume were flowers unless they look close. But if you don’t, then don one of these pieces and just really go for it and you’ll have an absolutely cheerful day.

Another option is to go for a print that doesn’t involve body parts, since that could be considered a less out there, or at least here in Utah where fashion is pretty conservative. They probably think I’m crazy with some of the things I wear, or want to wear, that would be normal at Fashion Week, but put me in the mental institution here. Anyway, if that’s what you’re after, Andrew Gn is a good choice for that. His pieces were made up of guitars and vases. Well, or tiny eyeballs, which I guess is a body part, but they’re more graphic than realistic so I don’t think they really count.

Jean-Charles de Catelbajac was really, really cool. Sure, it’s body parts again, but they’re done in a different way that makes me kind of not think of them the same way. Instead of being glamorous or anything, these consist of rough sketches of faces or bright color-blocking with dark arms and hands breaking it up, creating structure to them. Then there are the ones just made of words, reminding me of the beginning of every Simpsons episode when Bart has to write something over and over again on the chalkboard. Then there’s the flirty sunglasses made out of lips or the word “glamour.” The ones with people on them are kind of like a 12-year-old artist drew on fabric that someone turned into clothes. I really like that. The not trying too hard while still making a fashion statement and being on trend.

Paule Ka was likewise pretty colorful, embracing the look that I most liken with pop art: the boxes of different colors and the same picture. Jil Sander let loose with a few bold looks that, to me, totally stole the whole show. Christoper Kane created his pieces out of edgy arrows mixed with enormous flowers and taglines that, somehow, come together into a chic package. Christian Dior went a safer direction by just using a few choice words to make their statement.

If that’s still too much, then you can go with something a little closer to what Isa Arfen did on two pieces. On otherwise white pieces she threw a splash of color with eyes made-up with pop art eyeshadow. But if you’re more into the classic, then you’ll probably be more for the black and white sketches from Antonio Marras. They’re drawn on such feminine pieces that you kind of have to look close to realize that they’re anything but. They’re so pretty that I want to staple them to a canvas and put them on my wall.

For all the pictures that go with this story, click on this link. You won’t be sorry since they’re seriously cool!!! http://convozine.com/fierceandfreefashion/37623

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Fashion Mullets to Fierce Feathers, What the Models At the amfAR Gala in NYC Taught Me About Style

I know, you’re probably red-carpeted out for a little while. Same here. I wasn’t planning on doing any more until the Academy Awards, and then to stay away from them for a while, but then the amfAR Gala hit New York the day before Fashion Week started and I kind of just had to post it. You see, this isn’t just any boring old red carpet the same as all the others. This one was a black carpet walked by some of the best models of the moment. Actresses and singers are one thing, but models, who could look good in a garbage bag, is quite another. What makes it so different? Models take chances that actresses and singers don’t. Actresses and singers kind of have a style they’re known for, and even in their gutsy moments, the looks they pick still fit within that little box. But models? They’re chameleons. They can be whatever they want to be because we don’t know them as THEM. We know them as others make them. For the most part, anyway.

Now, some people would say that’s a bad thing. These people aren’t being themselves. I’m going to disagree and say that they wouldn’t do anything they weren’t comfortable with. Well, for the most part anyway. But see, most of what they do is completely artistic, and artistry comes from within. So that being said, I’m going to declare that we can learn a lot from them. What, you may ask? Well, I am at your command to answer.


Mullets, you ask? Okay, so I’m not talking about the typical mullet. You know the one I’m talking about. The kind that makes you start breaking out in “Achy, Breaky, Heart.” (And wow I just dated myself). I’m talking about a fashion mullet. A dress mullet. Whatever you want to call it since I’m kind of making up these terms as I go. Yes, I know there’s a hair fashion mullet and a mullet dress that’s the same as a high-low, but I’m talking about something totally different. See, I’m talking about a gown that is all gorgeous and demure in the front and party/sexy in the back (and/or sides).

Take for instance the black Emilio Pucci Behati Prinsloo wore. From the front, the only thing hinting at sexy was the sheer arms. But have her move to the side and it’s “Hello skin!!!!” Of course, the back of her gown was the same as the front, which is good so it’s not overdone. Instead it’s a little surprise every time she turns around.

If that’s a little scary for you, then you can do the classic drullet (my new term for dress mullet, what do you think?) similar to the Kaufmanfranco gown Erin Heatherton wore. From the front it was Academy Award worthy. But then the back was sheer on one side, all the way down past her bum! To cover it up for modesty’s sake, there were some sparkly designs akin to a figure skater’s outfit.

Another good drullet came from the white Gabriela Cadena gown Selita Ebanks wore. Man, if curves could kill, she’d be a mass murderer. Or you could do a top to bottom drullet like Elsa Hosk. The top of her dress was 100% sheer (she wore a nude bra under it) with a full skirt. Really cute and somehow still classy in my opinion.


To continue reading this article on its webpage, as well as to see pictures, click this link: http://convozine.com/fierceandfreefashion/37575

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Peter Pilotto For Target

The moment that I learned that Peter Pilotto was the next designer to make a collaboration with Target, I literally jumped up and down and shrieked. You see, I’m pretty obsessed with Peter Pilotto, but I’m also a cheapskate, which means I’d never spend the kind of money one needs to spend to acquire designer duds. But affordable designer duds? I’m totally there. In fact, I’m planning on staying up late on February 8th to make sure I get what I want before it sells out online come midnight, February 9th, when the line is released. See, it’s only coming to “select” Target stores and I’m not taking the chance that Salt Lake City, Utah is cool enough in their eyes for Peter Pilotto. And how cool is Peter Pilotto? Cool enough that even Net-A-Porter will be selling it.

If you don’t know about Peter Pilotto, then you really need to look them up. Made up of two male designers, the London fashion line is known for its super cool prints and vivid colors. So who better to make a Spring/Summer 2014 line for Target than them? And with prices ranging from around $20 to $70 for everything from accessories, swimwear, skirts, shorts, pants, blouses, sweater, dresses, and blazers, it’s really affordable.

The cool thing about Peter Pilotto is that the prints are digital and super-flattering. They tend to build them around a woman’s body instead of trying to build a woman’s body around the print. Now if you’re like me and have kind of always been a little scared of prints, you can start slow by throwing a blazer over it. But as I plan to do, you’ll get used to it and then you’ll flaunt that print with head held high.

To get you as pumped up and excited as I am, here’s a short video. And remember, February 9th, because if you miss out on this collection, you’ll probably kick yourself for a good long while. I know I will.


To view the pictures of the look book and each item that will be on sale, click on this link to go to my Fierce and Free Fashion convozine: http://convozine.com/fierceandfreefashion/37527

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The Super Bowl For the Fashionista

For me, a fashionista in her own right, I don’t really care about the Super Bowl. That being said, there is something this year that has me going gaga: the collection of 48 football designer helmets getting auctioned off for charity. Bloomingdale’s, the CFDA, and NFL all teamed up together to sell these haute couture helmets to benefit the NFL Foundation. I liked this collection so much that I decided to write this Super Bowl special article. Don’t worry. You’ll still get a full article this Wednesday.

Now I’m not going to go into tons of detail here, as the pictures speak for themselves. I’m only going to tell you that there are some seriously cool helmets. Yeah, there are lame ones that look like they took two minutes to make by just wrapping the helmet in plaid fabric, but some have spikes and studs, one even has a Mohawk made out of yellow birds! Whatever your taste, and whether you’re a macho man or a fashionista, you’ll find at least one to your liking.

To see pictures, click on this link: http://convozine.com/fierceandfreefashion/37510

To give you a fashion fix to get you through until next week, check out Fierce and Free Fashion on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fierce-and-Free-Fashion/370678573052242. Also, if you want to get more tips as well as see some awesome fashion editorials and runway, follow my mostly Fashion-oriented Tumblr, http://adseeleyauthor.tumblr.com, my Pinterest, which has numerous fashion boards, http://pinterest.com/adseeleyauthor, or my Instagram http://instagram.com/adseeleyauthor.

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