The Rodnik x Peanuts Fashion Collaboration

My early childhood is filled with fun memories. But the funny thing is that most of them, though I know I didn’t watch a lot of TV, are of TV. I think it’s because that was the beginning of my personal love story with writing. I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time, but I now know that the reason I always enjoyed TV and movies so much was because I was watching stories and characters unfold that expanded my own imagination.

I’m the second to youngest of six children so I grew up being exposed to a lot of different kinds of shows, mostly age inappropriate ones. I saw Aliens and Freddy Krueger by the time I was 5 or so. And man, I remember watching Space Balls all the time, though I didn’t get the jokes, but I’d pretend like I did because I wanted my older brothers to be proud of me. But there were a few child appropriate shows I really enjoyed, my favorite of which was Snoopy. Okay, Charlie Brown, but really Snoopy.

I was too young to really remember a lot, but I remember watching Snoopy surfing, totally enthralled in it for some reason. So enthralled that there’s even a picture of me when I’m 3 or 4 where I’m watching it with my face probably only 2 inches away. That’s how into it I was. That same movie, Snoopy, Come Home, man, I watched that every day. I just loved how deep it was for a cartoon. Here Snoopy is, and he keeps getting kicked out of everywhere because they don’t allow dogs, and then he feels like Charlie Brown doesn’t even notice him so, when he receives a letter from a sick girl in the hospital, he runs away. Well, Charlie Brown notices. He becomes totally depressed. As a total animal lover, it’s one of the best love stories of all time. LOL. I haven’t seen it in years, but I still sing the chorus from one of the sad songs all the time. “Come home, Snoopy, come home. Come home. Come home!” It just resonated with me and still does for some reason.

I don’t think I really saw any other Peanuts shows, but I did read the cartoon every Sunday. I had this kinship with Snoopy, though I didn’t really care much about most of the other characters. Well, Woodstock was cute.

When I got older (I was around 8), I learned that my second cousin (once removed, twice removed?), had actually been the voice of Charlie Brown for a while. I couldn’t believe it. I was related to someone from Snoopy! Which, at the time, was seriously even cooler than when Sylvester Stallone came to tour our house to see if he wanted to buy it. Yup, that’s how cool it was to my young self. A young self who was also obsessed with Rambo. I met her years later and that childhood excitement came back. I lost that excitement about Snoopy for a very long time, totally forgetting about it when I became an adult, until I found out about the collaboration between the British Pop Art designer The Rodnik Band and Peanuts. Now, all those memories have flooded back and I’m kind of finding myself obsessed with the clothes from this collaboration since we all love bringing our childhood into our adulthood (or is that just me?) I mean, I was the girl in high school wearing Rainbow Bright and Care Bears t-shirts and would totally still wear those at 31 years old! Though now they’d be paired with leather and/or studs to take the sweetness out of them. I sure do love a good outfit that’s a total oxymoron.

If you haven’t heard of The Rodnik Band (which I can’t judge you for because I hadn’t either until I heard about this collection) it’s time you really looked them up. They’re huge into the pop art movement (his style has had him described as the “godson of Andy Warhol,”) and have been doing pop art for a while even though it’s really only come into season this Spring/Summer 2014 season. Honestly, probably because of him. That’s why not even the top designers can do the movement with the carefree flair that The Rodnik Band achieves. Because seriously, who else can make an outfit with a print of Sunny Side-Up eggs look fashionable and cool? They were the perfect (and kind of only good choice) to pair up with Peanuts.

This collaboration has everything one could want. From pants, jackets, and shirts printed over and over again with Snoopy’s face, to the fun zig-zags that every Charlie Brown fan knows. There’s literally almost every aspect of a Peanuts cartoon in this collection. And they have them in all kinds of pieces where you can do just a little Snoopy up to a lot. And feel like doing it a little girlier? They added a special collection with the French online store Collette with Belle, Snoopy’s girlfriend. This one has some especially cute stuff. I really like the items with the girly dog eyes as a print.

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If you like this collaboration (or like the gist of it but don’t like Peanuts), then I definitely suggest checking out the other collections by The Rodnik Band. They have some really crazy stuff (Campbell’s soup can dress, anyone?). Even if it’s too crazy for you to wear, you have to check it out for the mere artistry of it. Because after all is said and done, that’s what Philip Colbert (the man behind the line) is. He’s a true artist who’s chosen clothes as his media. And dang, does he do it well.

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The Best Swimsuits To Minimize Your Problem Areas

So I’m not a person who likes bathing suits. Sure, on other people they’re great, but shopping for one literally just makes me cry. I haven’t bought a new one since high school…thirteen years ago. Why not? Well, because I just don’t know how to make my problem areas appear less of a problem. That’s why I did some research and decided to share it with you, starting from the shoulders and going to the thighs. Now, not all of these ideas will work for every person since we all have different body types, but they at least give you an idea of what to look for. I hope they help.

Problem: Wide Shoulders

Personally, I have football player shoulders so it’s hard to find a suit that doesn’t make them appear even more masculine. There are a few different ways to trick the eye to make them appear smaller.

1.       Wear really wide straps so your shoulders look smaller in comparison

2.       Instead of a V-neck, try a square neckline

3.       Wear the straps out as far as possible on your body rather than a halter top which will mostly only work with a very deep V-neck to distract the eye

4.       Wear an asymmetrical top, like a one shoulder top

5.       Distract the eye by drawing it to an area of your body you like. Do you like your waist? Wear a plain suit with something decorative around the waist like a blast of color or cut-outs. Like your hips? Wear a plain top and then bright or patterned bottoms


Problem: Large Bust

1.       The key is support. This can come in the form of an underwire, but it can also come in buying a suit with seamed cups, a sturdy lining, boning, wide and/or adjustable straps, draping, and/or a band under the breasts

2.       Try to find a suit with a higher neckline and small arm holes to keep from spilling out all over the place

3.       A lot of times a bikini will be better because it gives support not only from the straps but also around the back


Problem: Small Bust

1.       Supposedly the best swimsuit you can wear to help your bust look bigger is a padded triangle top

2.       Wear a top with ruffles or a graphic print. Really anything to make it appear fuller. You can pretty much get away with anything that those will fuller busts (le sigh, me) could never wear in a million bajillion years


Problem: Curvy Tummy

1.       You want a suit that hides that tummy by skimming over it. You don’t want anything too tight, but beware of anything too loose as well

2.       Use tricks like ruching, draping, and gathering to conceal your tummy

3.       You can still wear a bikini, just make sure the waistband is high and folded, sort of like vintage granny panties

4.       A solid color is much more flattering than a busy one that will only make you appear kind of like a patterned couch (or at least that’s what I look like in a busy print)

5.       A down the vertical center detail divides your midsection, which can make it appear smaller


Problem: Short Torso:

1.       Wear a suit with a vertical center detail like a ruffle. It will help lengthen your torso


Problem: Wide Hips and Thighs

1.       Like with wide shoulders, you want to distract by bringing attention to the opposite half. Do this by bright details or a neckline that draws the eye up

2.       Find a bottom that’s leg line hits about an inch below the hip to make them look longer. Of course, if your thighs are extremely full, you might not feel comfortable about that. I know that I wouldn’t. I’d feel like I was just putting my thighs on display, so key really is to do what you feel most comfortable in

3.       A skirt can hide problem thighs. To keep it modern, find one with a slit, ruching, or A-line cut

4.       Whatever you do, avoid boy shorts and ring hardware, which will pinch in all the wrong places


Problem: Narrow Hips

1.       Same as with a small bust, do anything you can to make them appear fuller through ruffles, color, and/or a graphic print


Problem: Big Butt

1.       A low or V-back will help your butt look smaller and more proportionate

2.       Don’t wear a suit too low on the waist that it’s not covering the bottom, but also don’t wear one too high because that will make your bottom only appear even larger

3.       Wear a suit with higher legs, though again, not too high that your butt is sticking out of it


Problem: Small Butt

1.       The higher the waist of your swimming suit, the larger your bottom half will appear


Balance, Balance, Balance. The biggest key is to balance your body as much as possible. I’m an hourglass shape so it’s not as difficult for me to make sure my bottom half balances out my huge shoulders and bust, but for top-heavy and bottom-heavy women, you really need to watch that. If you’re top heavy, make sure details on the bottom half balance you out, opposite if you’re bottom heavy. But the most important thing, as I said above, is that you end up feeling confident in your suit. Even if it’s something that’s all the dos and none of the don’ts, if you don’t feel comfortable, it’s the wrong suit for you.


(For examples of each of the above, click on the link to go to the original post at


I hope this helps. Now that I’ve learned what to look for in a suit for myself, I went to the store yesterday and actually found a suit I liked! Honestly, I only had to try ONE on because I knew exactly what would and wouldn’t work for me. The verdict? I got a plain one piece with wide straps that also sat wide on my shoulders, a V-neck with seamed cups, and plenty of draping over the mid-section. Now, I’ll never look sexy in a swimming suit because I’m just not a sexy girl, but I didn’t cry, and really, that was the best feeling of all.


If you have any other dos, let me know, either on here or on Facebook. I’d love more pointers if you have them. There you can post pictures of your outfits or anything good or bad about fashion, style, or beauty. Also, if you haven’t received enough of a fashion fix today, follow my mostly Fashion-oriented Tumblr,, my Pinterest, which has numerous fashion boards,, or my Instagram

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