Eye On The Up-And-Coming Designer: Phuong My

Thank goodness for Instagram, because without it, I never would have learned of Phuong My, a Vietnamese women’s fashion designer. Here I was, bored and flipping through Instagram and all the models and designers and magazines I follow. I wasn’t finding anything that really grabbed my attention until WHAM! Someone had posted a picture of three looks from Phuong My’s FW 2013 collection and they were so amazing that they completely had my attention.

Immediately I ran to my computer because I just HAD to see the rest of the collection. Then, after being totally wowed, I looked up whatever else I could find. Unfortunately I didn’t find much. Only three seasons’ worth. But man are they three amazing seasons filled with inspiration from Asian art and Western styles.

The earliest season I could find was her collection from Spring/Summer 2012. This season really made me think of haute couture with the really crazy shapes to the clothes reminiscent of Alexander McQueen. Personally, since I already have curves, I wouldn’t wear them, but I do think they’re fun and would be awesome dresses for the red carpet or stage. As for the runway, they would have killed it.

Next comes Spring/Summer 2013 (I couldn’t find a fall show in 2012). The gowns made from netting, lace, and silk organza were hand-beaded with Swarovski crystals. My favorite look was this dress with a nude bustier top paired with this really interesting black skirt that was assymetrical at the waist, as though the skirt was askew. I find something so beautiful in the mixture of perfection and haphazard.

So I liked both of those seasons, but they’re not anything that would make me a die-hard fan the way the Fall/Winter 2013 season did. The dresses all have these amazing structural forms that emphasize the beautiful curves of a woman’s waist and hips.

Though all the looks are full and voluminous, they still manage a softness due to the wise choice in fabric. I don’t think I could ever wear these because I want to stare at them and you can’t really stare at the clothes you’re wearing. Instead of wearing them, I’d have them as art in my house. You see, to me, they’re just these beautiful pieces meant for legendary princesses full of ethereal grace, beauty, and wisdom. I know that sounds totally corny, but they exude an actually feeling of calmness, and perhaps a little forlornness, as though the princess wearing them has been locked in a tower so nobody can see her beauty. They’re art in and of themselves and that’s the most amazing thing of all.

Oh, and did I mention she’s releasing a bridal collection? I know, swoon….

For pictures and a short video, click this link to head over to Fierce and Free Fashion: http://convozine.com/fierceandfreefashion/37223


How to Choose a Color Scheme For Your Outfit

Okay, so I had planned a totally different article for today, but then I realized that a lot of people don’t know one of the most basic things about how to put together a good outfit: what colors can go together. There are some colors that everyone knows go together well because they’re always put together in superhero costumes. Like red and blue, yellow and red, green and yellow, etc. But what if you want to venture outside of the overused pairings of colors? How do you know what will clash and what will look amazing together? Because honestly, sometimes the colors that can go together can be really surprising, like when orange and blue and orange and purple became the pairings of the season a few years ago. It was fresh and fun because they were two colors people hadn’t really put together before. They were two colors most people didn’t even know could be put together.

So how did they know these colors went with each other? Figuring that out is where the color wheel comes in.

The color wheel is your friend. There are so many different versions of the color wheel, from the most basic with only primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) to one with primary and secondary colors (green, purple, and orange), to ones with tertiary colors (red-orange, blue-violet, yellow-orange, red-violet, blue-green, yellow-green), to ones with all these colors and every various tint and shade imaginable.

To start with the basic idea, the color you choose will look good with whatever color is on either side of it as well as what color is directly across from it on the color wheel. So when it’s only the primary colors, they all look good together because they’re all right next to each other.

When you add the secondary colors, this rule comes into play. Red is beside orange and purple (its complimentary colors) and the color directly across from it (its contrasting color), is green. That means that red will look good with any of these three colors.

Then there are the tertiary colors. These are neutral colors made from one primary and one secondary color that will look good with everything, depending on the hue and whether they’re bright versions or matte versions of the color. See, that’s the other thing to take into account when you’re mixing colors. Not just the actual color that it is, but the hue, saturation, value, brightness, tint, and shade of the color. Let me go over those real quick.

To continue reading and for pictures and examples, click on this link to go to Fierce and Free Fashion: http://convozine.com/fierceandfreefashion/35255

The Most Flattering Haircuts/Hairstyles For Your Face Shape: Square Faces

I’ve already talked about the best haircuts and hairstyles for round faces like mine, and man has it already helped a ton! I’d been letting my hair part where it wanted to part (in the middle), but now that I know asymmetry is best, I’ve noticed a huge difference. Hopefully it helped other people too.

Now I’m moving on to square faces. A square face shape consists of a strong, broad forehead. Also, the cheekbone, brow bone, and jaw usually have a similar length and width. The jaw is usually really strong and angular. If you have this face shape, well, you’re extremely lucky. Numerous fashion models and actresses have square faces because they photograph so beautifully. Likewise, you’re most likely to age extremely well. So yeah, you’re lucky and kind of suck. It takes me a billion tries to create angles so I don’t look like a round ball in a photograph. Literally, I have to stick my head out like a turtle. Also, because this face shape is so common in celebrities, you’re never far from inspiration. Just pick up a magazine or pop in a movie and you’re bound to find some ideas for your hair.

No matter what cut you do, there’s one rule above all for this face shape: have your hair soft, layered, and rounded to counteract your strong features. You want to soften your lines so you have to do what’s opposite of them. Try, above all, to stay away from anything blunt or harsh. Also, you want to take the focal point away from your jaw and to your cheekbones.

So square faces have to be pretty picky about any really short haircuts. You can get away with it, but square faces usually look best with medium to long hair. If you really want a pixie, then a good way to get away with it is to have long side-swept bangs that are feathery and a little rounded in shape. Also, make them long enough to graze your eyebrows. This will bring attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Keep this in mind for any hair length as these are the best bangs for you no matter what. Blunt bangs will only make your jaw look extremely severe.

The reason longer hair is best is because you can have it fall over your face to soften your strong jaw. A bob is great, just make sure it’s a little longer and layered. If you have curly hair, then chin-length is great. Again, just make sure it’s not blunt and let it fall into your face. Make sure it’s not too bulky on the sides to add even more volume to your already strong jaw.

To continue reading and for pictures click this link to head over to Fierce and Free Fashion: http://convozine.com/fierceandfreefashion/37151

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party Pink Carpet

I’m not sure why, but I always look forward to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Okay, maybe not the show exactly, but more the pink carpet for their after party. It’s the one carpet where a lot of my favorite models can wear whatever they want, no matter how scant, and get away with it. The other red carpets they frequent are usually all about wearing an amazing couture gown. And yes, of course I love them in couture, but it’s fun to see their personalities come out in the fun and crazy creations they wear in the one night a year that they’re celebrated as angels. Ironic, if you think about it.

This year the pink carpet was full of some really interesting…outfits; slashes of fabric resembling dresses; lingerie as clothes? Whatever you want to call them, I actually like most of them. Of course, not if they wore half these things at the Oscars or something. But they’re very VS appropriate.

First I’ll start with the girls who walked the show, then I’ll talk about a couple of the celebrities who also hit the pink carpet. Really you’ll be able to tell the difference just by the amount of fabric the models wore compared to what the actresses and singers wore. Well, for the most part anyway since a couple of the models did wear quite a bit of fabric that actually resemble dresses.

So I think my favorite dress of the night was the one Cindy Bruna wore. It’s just this black skirt but it’s paired with basically just a black bra that has a strip of fabric down the center. It made me think of a gown a princess in a SciFi movie would wear. Totally cool. Izabel Goulart also wore black. Hers was this amazing Versace gown made of fabric draped across the bosom, letting skin show, and patent leather sleeves. Seriously awesome.

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The Fashion From the 2013 American Music Awards

A couple weeks ago, the stars were out in full force to attend the 2013 American Music Awards. For the most part, I loved their outfits, but there were also a few that I just didn’t get. Since I always like to begin with the good, in no particular order, I’ll start with my favorites.

First off, Ciara wore this super cool black and nude J Mendel gown. I can’t tell how it was made, but it sort of looks like a really loose knit dress. What made it so amazing was how, even with so much skin showing, it looks edgy instead of trampy. The way it’s put together hide all the naughty bits while really showing off the lines of her body. Seriously amazing.

Another skin-baring dress was the Jean Paul Gaultier two piece that Rihanna wore. It hits two really big trends by having a crop top paired with a sheer skirt. It’s totally rock and roll and glorious. I absolutely loved it. Also wearing a crop top, but pairing it with a tiny little skirt and enormous, sparkly necklace, I was a huge fan of Kendall Jenner’s outfit by Keepsake. It kind of weirds me out that a barely 18-year-old is allowed to dress so skimpy (hey, I’m from Utah, where tank tops are evil), but I have to admit that I thought her whole look was just perfect and sexy without going trashy.

Jennifer Lopez wore a sheer, nude Zuhair Murad gown with gold flecks in all the right places. It totally reminds me of the infamous sheer jumpsuit Britney Spears wore on MTV way back in the day after stripping off all her clothes. It was the moment that she told the world that she was no longer a little girl. For J. Lo, she’s been a woman for years, but the daringness of it screams of her confidence while also making her seem younger, because man, can she still kill it.

To continue reading as well as for photos, click on this link: http://convozine.com/fierceandfreefashion/37041