Review For Fiona McGuinness Kraken Black Softy Boots

I’ve been wanting to add reviews to Fierce and Free Fashion for a while. The reason I haven’t yet is because I haven’t really found anything worth my weekly article. At least not until I tried Fiona Guinness’s Kraken Black Softy boots ($299.95) from

I’m one of those people who’s always wanted to try knee-high boots but never dared. Not only do I have muscular, enormous calves, but I’m also only 5’4” and was scared they’d cut me off and make me look shorter and maybe even heavier in my weight. But still, even though I didn’t think I could pull them off, I’m totally obsessed with them. I play this game on my iPhone called Covet Fashion created by Rachel Zoe and I swear that every single outfit I make has boots of this length so obviously I’m pretty into them. So into them that, when I learned that I could try these boots, I totally jumped at the chance.

When they arrived, I was literally so excited that I was jumping up and down and in circles. My dog looked at me like I was completely crazy because I just couldn’t stop hopping around like a bunny or, more aptly since they came from Australia, a kangaroo.

Opening the box, they couldn’t have been more gorgeous. The pictures on the website had them seeming pretty, but they were 100 times better in person (sorry my own photos don’t do them justice either). They’re a nice black made of quality leather. They have a squared toe, which is new for me, and they zip up on the outside. At first I thought that was really weird because all my other boots have always zipped from the inside, but once I figured out how to best do that, it was fine and they were really cute with the exposed zipper.

For people with larger calves like mine (mine run about 14.5” on a day when I’m retaining tons of water, which is most days), it’s usually hard to find high boots that fit. But these boots have the tiniest little area in the back that’s stretchy enough that I fit in them with skinny jeans. I tried thick socks and couldn’t get them to zip, but that’s because I have super wide feet. So wide that even though my feet are really a 6 ½, I have to wear at least a 7 ½, usually an 8. I was really excited that my feet fit well into these boots.

To continue reading this article as well as to see pictures, click this link to head over to Fierce and Free Fashion:


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