Fashion From the 2014 Grammy Awards: The Daring, Classy, and Hideous

I know, I know. I always say that I love whatever show’s red carpet I’m talking about, but this time I mean it a little more than usual. See, where the Hollywood red carpets are glamorous and chic, the Grammy’s are wild and fun. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel (just ask my mom, though she thinks I was a much worse child than I actually was). Or read my Cain books. My main character, Cain (the immortal son of Adam and Eve) is a mass murderer and tyrant who secretly owns the world. The whole first book in the trilogy is about him trying to corrupt the main female character so he can murder her. See? I like bad and rebellious, even though I swear I’m an angel. Nobody will believe you, but I still swear it.

Anyway, because of my love for the naughty, I was really looking forward to this year’s Grammy Awards. Especially to see what Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga would wear…which is why my heart was almost broken when those three didn’t show up! But I suppose that’s okay because there still were some really daring gowns. I’m going to start with those, and then move to my top picks followed by my less favorite picks.

So there were two dresses that really stood out for me because skin was literally the most important factor in them. Those were the gowns worn by Beyonce (Michael Costello) and Paris Hilton (Haus of Milani). Even though Beyonce’s kind of looked more like a doily wrapped around her, I kind of liked it. I’m not sure if I LOVED it, but I loved the guts it took to wear it. As for Paris, I LOVED her gown. Okay, from the front it looked more like just a piece of fabric hanging there, but from the back…OMG. It suddenly turns into this whole other thing. Like someone from a cake decorating class had her lay on her stomach and then started decorating her nude flesh. I’m not sure why, but I really liked that gown.

Okay, now for the looks I loved without any reservations, and pretty much from any angle. So my favorite look of the night was the gold Emilio Pucci that Ciara wore. I didn’t even know she was pregnant! Yet here she comes, flaunting it in the best way on the red carpet. I’ve been really mean towards the choices of pregnant women on the red carpet this awards season. Well, to those I’ve been mean about, THIS is how you do pregnant. Man, Ciara kills it.

The next best dress, in my opinion, was Chrissy Teigen’s gold Johanna Johnson gown. I was trying to only write about people in the music industry, (hey, Paris had that one hit that I actually hate to love) but Chrissy looked so amazing that I have to give her props.

Next was the sexy Azzaro gown that Anna Kendrick wore (I’m counting her as a singer because of Pitch Perfect). The dress had this cool triangular peep area in the décolletage that reminded me of the infamous white bandaged outfit LeeLoo wore in the beginning of The Fifth Element. Take that and add floral beading and a high center slit, and you have a major do.

Speaking of décolletage, Alicia Keys wore a bright cobalt Armani Privé gown that really showed off, not only that area, but ALL her curves. From the wrong angles it wasn’t completely flattering, but from the right ones, man, it was seriously gorgeous. Miranda Lambert wore a bright red Pamella Roland that achieved the same thing as it was pretty similar to Alicia’s gown. Tamar Braxton also looked amazing in a red Michael Costello gown with the focus on the bust that kind of reminded me of devil horns, in a really good way.

Kacey Musgraves was chic and classy in an Armani Privé the color of her flesh created out of wispy ruffles. Zendaya Coleman wore a sheer top with a turquoise polka dot skirt by Emanuel Ungaro. It has these ruffly sides that add an edge to it. I remember seeing that on the runway and loving it, so it’s fun to see someone young wearing it. Her slicked back hair really completes the look.

Taylor Swift is always gorgeous, and her gold Gucci Premiere is the perfect gown for her. It’s classy and serious, which is kind of how I think of her. Sara Bareilles wore a cool rosette-covered high-low Blumarine gown. I kind of hated her shoes, but the dress was really pretty. Skylar Grey wore this fleshy, rubbery Michael Costello that I know a lot of people hated, but I thought it was kind of cool. It was a nude color, with a diamond cut-out at the waist that showed off skin at the same time that you kind of didn’t realize it was showing it off.

Ariana Grande looked adorable in her floral Dolce & Gabbana. It had a retro feel to it. Again, I hated the shoes since they kind of screamed granny, but the rest of the look was killer. Sarah Hyland wore a black and white Emilio Pucci that looked really cute on her. It felt modern and minimalistic, and the shoes were the perfect way to punch up the outfit. Faith Evans wore a cool animal-print leather gown.

Martina McBride looked really beautiful in her navy David Meister gown that really brought out her eyes. Bonnie McKee also wore blue (Gustavo Cadile), but what I really liked was her purse, which matched her hair. The purse was seriously cool. It looked like she found some huge gem in the earth and grabbed it and turned it into a clutch.

Kelly Osbourne wore a black Badgley Mischka that (FINALLY!!!) didn’t match her hair. Well, okay, a tiny bit it did because it had purple stones on the shoulders. But it’s done in such a small way that it actually looks really cool. I wasn’t a huge fan of the cape on it, but it wasn’t TOO noticeable. Katy Perry wore a gown from the Valentino Haute Couture runway only a few days before the Grammy’s. I really like the bottom half of it. It’s all tulle with music notes, which is obviously appropriate for a music awards show. However, the top half fit her really weird.

Now for the ones that I didn’t particularly care for….

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The Fashion From the 2014 SAG Awards: The Cute, Eh, and Not So Cute

Another week, another awards show. Thing is, I never get sick of them, so I hope you don’t either because this week, it’s all about the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards (SAGs). Since I’m lazy, I’m going to do it in alphabetical order (by the first name) like I did last week. I’ve been really ill this week so it’s kind of amazing that I’m writing an article at all. As always, I’ll also start with the ones I liked, and work my way down to the ones that I just didn’t get.

Abigail Breslin proves she’s all grown up in a black Chagoury dress with a sparkly shrug. For me, it’s kind of weird, because I still think of her as that slightly-chubby little girl. The fact that she’s now old enough to rock it on the red carpet makes me feel really old. Amy Adams wore this either purple or blue (pictures get the color wrong a lot of times) Antonio Berardi. It had an interesting asymmetrical bust with one sleeve that was edgy while remaining classic and beautiful.

Anna Gunn was FABULOUS in a blue sparkly Monique Lhuiller. She looked tall and lean and her accessories and slightly wild hair really went well with it. Claire Danes also wore wild bed-head hair with her cool Vionnet gown. She reminds me of a rock star who went to bed after a concert and woke up remembering she had to go to the SAGs so she threw on something that was rumpled on the floor, but in a spectacularly awesome way.

Edie Falco wore this really cool butterfly Lanvin high-low dress that was perfectly paired with these really cool shoes that lent an edgy vibe. Elisabeth Moss wore a bright red Michael Kors with a belted waist, and Elisabeth Rohm a neck to wrist to toe white lace Marchesa. Giuliana Rancic wore this fabulous shade of purple in a Basil Soda gown. I’ve never heard of that brand, but I’ll definitely be checking them out now.

Helen Mirren, ah, my absolute favorite Brit, looked beautiful in a black and gold Escada gown. I swear, this woman is one of the most regal women on the planet. Isla Fisher was sexy and free in a white Oscar de la Renta with mermaid waves to one side. Jane Krankowski wore a jade Roland Mouret, Jennifer Garner a navy Max Mara. Jennifer Lawrence, as always, wore a Dior, but this time it was all rainbowy and sparkly. Fun and fresh.

Julie Bowen wore a really interesting Carolina Herrera. It has an orange bustier top and then this black and white graphic skirt. What’s weird is that I never would have liked the dress, I don’t think. It feels a little R2-D2 like if it had been blue instead of orange. But somehow, I REALLY like it. I guess I find it refreshing in a sea of very similar gowns.

Kaley Cuoco was gorgeous in a white Vera Wang. Unlike at the Golden Globes, I felt like her hair went well with her dress. Katrina Bowden had a seriously cool black Badgley Mischka with a gold piece at the very top. Laura Carmichael and her gold Vionnet with one side slit cut wide and ruffled paired with strappy black heels was one of my favorites of the night. And her animal print bracelet? Seriously? Whoever her stylist is, I really like them.

As always, Lupita Nyong’o wore a really bright, fun color, that really makes her skin shine. She’s one of the only people who I think could beat out Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett in a regalness competition. I’ll be honest, I’m not really a fan of the top part of her Gucci, but she pulls it off.

Malin Ackerman was another favorite of the night in her rebellious Naeem Khan. It’s one that I want to see up close in the details to see what material it is and how it was made. It looks soft and rough at the same time. Melissa Rauch wore a black Rubin Singer that was really classy paired with green accessories that gave it a fun, young vibe.

Michelle Dockery wore a black and white J. Mendel with a deep plunge V-neck that totally looks classy on her to the point where you forget how rebellious it actually is. Mindy Kaling wore a navy David Meister paired with gold accessories, which is interesting because I usually see navy with silver. So it gave it a fun and fresh vibe. Morena Baccarin wore a blue Monique Lhuillier. I kind of wish she’d worn a statement necklace with it and worn the bracelet on the opposite hand than she held the clutch, but I still really liked the look.

Oprah wore a purple Badgley Mischka that went well with her skin tone. I liked how it was mostly covered expect one side of the bust was pulled down with jewels to really bring the center of attention to her face, and seriously, wasn’t her hair just absolutely cool? Rita Wilson wore a silver sparkly gown with black bands down the sides so the silver didn’t totally overwhelm her. Sandra Bullock wore a green metallic Lanvin with a gathered slit to show off one seriously toned leg. It’s one of my favorite fashion moments of hers.

The blush pink Pamella Roland gown that Sarah Hyland wore was really flattering. I felt like her look was age appropriate this time around, where at the Golden Globes, she felt sort of matronly. And seriously? Her shoes were adorable. Sofia Vergara wore an all silver Donna Karan that had details to move with her curves and bring them out. Worn with a statement necklace and old Hollywood waves, she totally killed it.

Last but not least, Tina Fey was classy and chic in her black Oscar de la Renta with sheer panels in the bottom of her dress. I always like when she goes classy because, as a comedian, I always thought of her more as silly and goofy, so it’s nice to see another side of her.

Now for the “okay, or would be better if looks.” We’ll start with Gretchen Mol. There wasn’t anything wrong with her white J. Mendel gown. I just kind of didn’t like the mesh top. Was she going to an awards show or a tennis match? I probably would have loved it in black, but in white it just made me think of that netting in men’s swimming suits or tennis shorts or something.

Holly Hunter wore a beautiful red gown, but her makeup was lacking. It was like she jumped out of the shower and went to the show, where the gown kind of demanded some sort of dramatic makeup, whether that be a cat eye or red lip. Julia Louis Dreyfus looked really pretty in her navy and blue Monique Lhuillier, but the way it was cut only made her look kind of stumpy. I know she’s short, but there are ways to make yourself look tall and lean and ways to make yourself look squat. She chose the squat.

And WTF was up with Julia Roberts?!!! Again she leaves me so confused! This time it was a pink Valentino that I think might actually be pants? The top half, gorgeous. The bottom half? I literally have no words.

The floral Vivienne Westwood Juliette Lewis wore gave her the same issue as Julia Louis Dreyfus. She’s a really petite person, but this cut her body off in the majorly wrong place. I think, if the top went higher instead of draping as it did, then this could have been a cute look for her.

Kelly Osbourne had a really pretty Zac Posen. It was just a little too matchy-matchy with her hair. Maybe if she’d pulled her hair up so it was more about the dress, then I would have adored it. Lena Headey wore a striped orange and black Jenny Packham. There wasn’t anything wrong with it. I just didn’t like the whole look together. Maybe if her hair had been different or something, then I would have thought differently.

Last but not least was Sarah Paulson. The dress? Adored. It’s a huge white puff that I love. But the hair? It made her look too “Little Miss Muffet.” Okay, so it would have worked on a young actress like Hailee Steinfeld or something, but not someone Sarah’s age.

Now, what you’ve been waiting for, the bad….

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Fashion From the 2014 Golden Globes

I had a major problem this week with TWO awards shows. I really want to do the fashion from the People’s Choice Awards, but decided to save that since the Golden Globes are a little bigger. But don’t worry. The PCAs had some AWESOME dresses that I will definitely be reporting on, so keep your eyes open. Until then, the fashion from the Golden Globes will have to do. I know, we live such difficult lives.

This year was INCREDIBLE. Usually there are quite a few that I’m not really into, but this year I loved almost everything. So much so that it’s hard to pick a favorite so I’m literally not even going to try. Instead, for ease of identifying the pictures with the celebrity, I’ll be doing it by alphabetical order by first name.

Amber Heard wore this gorgeous navy Versace with a slit pretty much right up to her hip. She sort of mimicked the shape of the top of the dress with her hair, which made the whole look come together. Amy Adams had a dress as bright as the carpet, maybe even brighter. It was a really simple Valentino with darker fabric around the bosom to really bring her top half into the spotlight.

I literally died over Cate Blanchett’s lacy black Armani. It looked so delicate. Like if you touched it, it would crumble. Emma Roberts made it all about her earrings and pretty face in a plain black Lanvin and pulled back hair. Jennifer Lawrence wore a Christian Dior gown (surprise, surprise since I’m pretty sure that’s her favorite designer). If you go by Colton Haynes’ Instagram (which I just HAD to post for you), he thought it looked like a white comforter with two belts. And really, he’s right. But somehow JLaw always pulls things off. Literally. I mean, we now know she can look gorgeous even in a comforter.

Jessica Chastain showed off her curves in a black Givenchy with detailing around the hips. Kate Beckinsale wore a silver fitted mermaid tail Zuhair Murad that I stared at for about five minutes. Seriously. She has one of the best sense of styles out of anyone on the red carpet today or in history. I don’t think I’ve seen an outfit choice of hers yet that I didn’t go gaga over.

Kate Mara’s sexy J. Mendel really surprised me. I’ve always thought she was pretty and well-dressed, but this whole classy sexpot thing really threw me. I’m sure she’s always sexy, yet for some reason I always think of her as more just beautiful. Not anymore. Not after that dress. She is DAYUM sexy.

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Review For Fiona McGuinness Kraken Black Softy Boots

I’ve been wanting to add reviews to Fierce and Free Fashion for a while. The reason I haven’t yet is because I haven’t really found anything worth my weekly article. At least not until I tried Fiona Guinness’s Kraken Black Softy boots ($299.95) from

I’m one of those people who’s always wanted to try knee-high boots but never dared. Not only do I have muscular, enormous calves, but I’m also only 5’4” and was scared they’d cut me off and make me look shorter and maybe even heavier in my weight. But still, even though I didn’t think I could pull them off, I’m totally obsessed with them. I play this game on my iPhone called Covet Fashion created by Rachel Zoe and I swear that every single outfit I make has boots of this length so obviously I’m pretty into them. So into them that, when I learned that I could try these boots, I totally jumped at the chance.

When they arrived, I was literally so excited that I was jumping up and down and in circles. My dog looked at me like I was completely crazy because I just couldn’t stop hopping around like a bunny or, more aptly since they came from Australia, a kangaroo.

Opening the box, they couldn’t have been more gorgeous. The pictures on the website had them seeming pretty, but they were 100 times better in person (sorry my own photos don’t do them justice either). They’re a nice black made of quality leather. They have a squared toe, which is new for me, and they zip up on the outside. At first I thought that was really weird because all my other boots have always zipped from the inside, but once I figured out how to best do that, it was fine and they were really cute with the exposed zipper.

For people with larger calves like mine (mine run about 14.5” on a day when I’m retaining tons of water, which is most days), it’s usually hard to find high boots that fit. But these boots have the tiniest little area in the back that’s stretchy enough that I fit in them with skinny jeans. I tried thick socks and couldn’t get them to zip, but that’s because I have super wide feet. So wide that even though my feet are really a 6 ½, I have to wear at least a 7 ½, usually an 8. I was really excited that my feet fit well into these boots.

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