Fashion Mullets to Fierce Feathers, What the Models At the amfAR Gala in NYC Taught Me About Style

I know, you’re probably red-carpeted out for a little while. Same here. I wasn’t planning on doing any more until the Academy Awards, and then to stay away from them for a while, but then the amfAR Gala hit New York the day before Fashion Week started and I kind of just had to post it. You see, this isn’t just any boring old red carpet the same as all the others. This one was a black carpet walked by some of the best models of the moment. Actresses and singers are one thing, but models, who could look good in a garbage bag, is quite another. What makes it so different? Models take chances that actresses and singers don’t. Actresses and singers kind of have a style they’re known for, and even in their gutsy moments, the looks they pick still fit within that little box. But models? They’re chameleons. They can be whatever they want to be because we don’t know them as THEM. We know them as others make them. For the most part, anyway.

Now, some people would say that’s a bad thing. These people aren’t being themselves. I’m going to disagree and say that they wouldn’t do anything they weren’t comfortable with. Well, for the most part anyway. But see, most of what they do is completely artistic, and artistry comes from within. So that being said, I’m going to declare that we can learn a lot from them. What, you may ask? Well, I am at your command to answer.


Mullets, you ask? Okay, so I’m not talking about the typical mullet. You know the one I’m talking about. The kind that makes you start breaking out in “Achy, Breaky, Heart.” (And wow I just dated myself). I’m talking about a fashion mullet. A dress mullet. Whatever you want to call it since I’m kind of making up these terms as I go. Yes, I know there’s a hair fashion mullet and a mullet dress that’s the same as a high-low, but I’m talking about something totally different. See, I’m talking about a gown that is all gorgeous and demure in the front and party/sexy in the back (and/or sides).

Take for instance the black Emilio Pucci Behati Prinsloo wore. From the front, the only thing hinting at sexy was the sheer arms. But have her move to the side and it’s “Hello skin!!!!” Of course, the back of her gown was the same as the front, which is good so it’s not overdone. Instead it’s a little surprise every time she turns around.

If that’s a little scary for you, then you can do the classic drullet (my new term for dress mullet, what do you think?) similar to the Kaufmanfranco gown Erin Heatherton wore. From the front it was Academy Award worthy. But then the back was sheer on one side, all the way down past her bum! To cover it up for modesty’s sake, there were some sparkly designs akin to a figure skater’s outfit.

Another good drullet came from the white Gabriela Cadena gown Selita Ebanks wore. Man, if curves could kill, she’d be a mass murderer. Or you could do a top to bottom drullet like Elsa Hosk. The top of her dress was 100% sheer (she wore a nude bra under it) with a full skirt. Really cute and somehow still classy in my opinion.


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One thought on “Fashion Mullets to Fierce Feathers, What the Models At the amfAR Gala in NYC Taught Me About Style

  1. Wow, beautiful dresses!


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