Eye On The Up-And-Coming Designer: Phuong My

Thank goodness for Instagram, because without it, I never would have learned of Phuong My, a Vietnamese women’s fashion designer. Here I was, bored and flipping through Instagram and all the models and designers and magazines I follow. I wasn’t finding anything that really grabbed my attention until WHAM! Someone had posted a picture of three looks from Phuong My’s FW 2013 collection and they were so amazing that they completely had my attention.

Immediately I ran to my computer because I just HAD to see the rest of the collection. Then, after being totally wowed, I looked up whatever else I could find. Unfortunately I didn’t find much. Only three seasons’ worth. But man are they three amazing seasons filled with inspiration from Asian art and Western styles.

The earliest season I could find was her collection from Spring/Summer 2012. This season really made me think of haute couture with the really crazy shapes to the clothes reminiscent of Alexander McQueen. Personally, since I already have curves, I wouldn’t wear them, but I do think they’re fun and would be awesome dresses for the red carpet or stage. As for the runway, they would have killed it.

Next comes Spring/Summer 2013 (I couldn’t find a fall show in 2012). The gowns made from netting, lace, and silk organza were hand-beaded with Swarovski crystals. My favorite look was this dress with a nude bustier top paired with this really interesting black skirt that was assymetrical at the waist, as though the skirt was askew. I find something so beautiful in the mixture of perfection and haphazard.

So I liked both of those seasons, but they’re not anything that would make me a die-hard fan the way the Fall/Winter 2013 season did. The dresses all have these amazing structural forms that emphasize the beautiful curves of a woman’s waist and hips.

Though all the looks are full and voluminous, they still manage a softness due to the wise choice in fabric. I don’t think I could ever wear these because I want to stare at them and you can’t really stare at the clothes you’re wearing. Instead of wearing them, I’d have them as art in my house. You see, to me, they’re just these beautiful pieces meant for legendary princesses full of ethereal grace, beauty, and wisdom. I know that sounds totally corny, but they exude an actually feeling of calmness, and perhaps a little forlornness, as though the princess wearing them has been locked in a tower so nobody can see her beauty. They’re art in and of themselves and that’s the most amazing thing of all.

Oh, and did I mention she’s releasing a bridal collection? I know, swoon….

For pictures and a short video, click this link to head over to Fierce and Free Fashion: http://convozine.com/fierceandfreefashion/37223

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