The Most Flattering Haircuts/Hairstyles For Your Face Shape: Square Faces

I’ve already talked about the best haircuts and hairstyles for round faces like mine, and man has it already helped a ton! I’d been letting my hair part where it wanted to part (in the middle), but now that I know asymmetry is best, I’ve noticed a huge difference. Hopefully it helped other people too.

Now I’m moving on to square faces. A square face shape consists of a strong, broad forehead. Also, the cheekbone, brow bone, and jaw usually have a similar length and width. The jaw is usually really strong and angular. If you have this face shape, well, you’re extremely lucky. Numerous fashion models and actresses have square faces because they photograph so beautifully. Likewise, you’re most likely to age extremely well. So yeah, you’re lucky and kind of suck. It takes me a billion tries to create angles so I don’t look like a round ball in a photograph. Literally, I have to stick my head out like a turtle. Also, because this face shape is so common in celebrities, you’re never far from inspiration. Just pick up a magazine or pop in a movie and you’re bound to find some ideas for your hair.

No matter what cut you do, there’s one rule above all for this face shape: have your hair soft, layered, and rounded to counteract your strong features. You want to soften your lines so you have to do what’s opposite of them. Try, above all, to stay away from anything blunt or harsh. Also, you want to take the focal point away from your jaw and to your cheekbones.

So square faces have to be pretty picky about any really short haircuts. You can get away with it, but square faces usually look best with medium to long hair. If you really want a pixie, then a good way to get away with it is to have long side-swept bangs that are feathery and a little rounded in shape. Also, make them long enough to graze your eyebrows. This will bring attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Keep this in mind for any hair length as these are the best bangs for you no matter what. Blunt bangs will only make your jaw look extremely severe.

The reason longer hair is best is because you can have it fall over your face to soften your strong jaw. A bob is great, just make sure it’s a little longer and layered. If you have curly hair, then chin-length is great. Again, just make sure it’s not blunt and let it fall into your face. Make sure it’s not too bulky on the sides to add even more volume to your already strong jaw.

To continue reading and for pictures click this link to head over to Fierce and Free Fashion:

One thought on “The Most Flattering Haircuts/Hairstyles For Your Face Shape: Square Faces

  1. Very nice thing to consider the right hairstyles for you. Your face will be considered when choosing a hairstyle for you.


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