Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party Pink Carpet

I’m not sure why, but I always look forward to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Okay, maybe not the show exactly, but more the pink carpet for their after party. It’s the one carpet where a lot of my favorite models can wear whatever they want, no matter how scant, and get away with it. The other red carpets they frequent are usually all about wearing an amazing couture gown. And yes, of course I love them in couture, but it’s fun to see their personalities come out in the fun and crazy creations they wear in the one night a year that they’re celebrated as angels. Ironic, if you think about it.

This year the pink carpet was full of some really interesting…outfits; slashes of fabric resembling dresses; lingerie as clothes? Whatever you want to call them, I actually like most of them. Of course, not if they wore half these things at the Oscars or something. But they’re very VS appropriate.

First I’ll start with the girls who walked the show, then I’ll talk about a couple of the celebrities who also hit the pink carpet. Really you’ll be able to tell the difference just by the amount of fabric the models wore compared to what the actresses and singers wore. Well, for the most part anyway since a couple of the models did wear quite a bit of fabric that actually resemble dresses.

So I think my favorite dress of the night was the one Cindy Bruna wore. It’s just this black skirt but it’s paired with basically just a black bra that has a strip of fabric down the center. It made me think of a gown a princess in a SciFi movie would wear. Totally cool. Izabel Goulart also wore black. Hers was this amazing Versace gown made of fabric draped across the bosom, letting skin show, and patent leather sleeves. Seriously awesome.

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One thought on “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party Pink Carpet

  1. berrytrendy14 says:

    I love Alessandra’s dress. She’s in my best dressed list for 2013

    Check out my best fashion moments of 2013 on my blog:


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