Catching Fire Capitol Couture Collection

Everyone and their dog is obsessed with Catching Fire, me included. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the second and third books, but the movie? Oh the movie. It’s AMAZING. They did such an awesome job. Personally, I love the times when they’re in the capitol. People there are totally crazy! Their hair, makeup, and clothes are pretty much an awesome haute couture runway show for me. Love the capitol yourself? Well, now you can own a piece of the action. That’s right. Net-A-Porter partnered with Trish Summerville to release a small collection centered around that very capitol and the Games they’re obsessed with.

So what I find cool is that this collection has everything from athletic wear to really nice dresses and even a jumpsuit. My favorite is this patent leather dress with a seriously cool neckline. How much will the dresses set you back? They’re between $500 and $1000. Then there’s the faux-fur trimmed wool coat that’s $700, and the jumpsuit with a cut-out chest is about $400.

The thing is, none of these items are totally Catching Fire. I mean, they are, but they’re more interpretations made into pieces that people in the 21st century could wear. But if you want pieces that are more like what they wear in the movie, they might not exactly cut it. Well, lucky for you there is a leather jacket and a couple pairs of pants reminiscent of Katniss’s go to outfit when she’s home. They cost between $280 and $700, but remember, they’re leather. Also, they’re not just any normal leather. The jacket has some really cool arrow details that will make you feel like a huntress.

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    This is SO COOL!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!!!


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