The Most Flattering Hairstyles For Your Face Shape: Round Faces

So I’ve been promising that I’d write an article on each different face shape and the best hair for it for a few weeks now but other stories keep coming up. Well, there was another story that wanted to be written this week, but I told it that it had to wait. I have a promise to keep. I mean, I didn’t post all those pictures of me because I’m narcissistic. I posted them to segue into articles for each face shape. Honestly, it was really difficult for me to post pictures at all, let alone some of my worst ones of all time. I’m a writer, not an actress, which means I like to be in the background where nobody can see me. You see, I’ve always had what I like to call “a basketball head,” AKA a round face shape. The shape that I always thought was least attractive and totally unphotogenic. But really, I think I mostly thought that because I didn’t know what hairstyles go best with it. That’s why I’m going to start this series of articles with my own face shape. I need some good ideas for the upcoming holiday season.


First of all, let me tell you what a round face shape is so you know whether you have it or not. It’s honestly pretty easy. Is the length of your face about the same as the width of it? Do you lack any corners to your jaw? Are your cheeks wider than your forehead and jaw line? If so, then congratulations, you have a round face shape!


Now obviously I’m trying to make it into a positive. Since I’ve always looked down on my own round face, it’s not exactly easy to look at it with a good light, but I’ve gotten better. It all kind of changed when I hit 30. I noticed that people around me were starting to show their age by losing the plumpness of their cheeks. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that because angular cheekbones are seriously awesome, and looking your age definitely has its advantages. I don’t look my age (31) so I don’t get taken as seriously. Of course, since I can still pass for my early to mid-20s, which feels nice. I honestly think I get better looking the older I get.


So why do I still look 24 or so? It’s because round face shapes, though not considered the best face shape in younger years, becomes a coveted face shape in later years. We sort of have the gift of youth longer than most other shapes. If you don’t have a round face, don’t take this as saying your face shape isn’t coveted, because honestly, they all are for different reasons. You always want what other people have, right?


Okay, so now that you know whether you have a round face shape, let’s move on. That’s not the only factor that should determine your hair. Obviously, your hair type and texture makes a big difference as well. That’s why I’m going to go through all sorts of hair types and lengths to really give you a variety of ideas. You’re bound to find at least one that you’re in love with.


First I’ll start with short. Now even though I didn’t really like short hair on round faces, I still chopped all mine off in high school. Having a pixie was a ton of fun. Of course, back then they weren’t “in” yet so nasty jocks at my school decided to spread rumors that I was a lesbian. Though I have nothing against lesbians, I’m not one, and the way they treated me caused me to pretty much sluff an entire semester. Let me branch off for a second and just say bullies suck. I feel bad for people who really are gay and get treated like that for years, possibly by people they thought were their friends. Mine only lasted my senior year and yet it did a lot of damage to my psyche. So let’s totally stop bullying and judging.


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