Isabel Marant for H&M

I know I was going to write about hair this week, but then I remembered that H&M has a special collection in collaboration with Isabel Marant coming out next, Thursday November 14, 2013, to 250 selected stores worldwide, so I’m pushing it off a week. I’ve always adored  Isabel Marant’s collections, though they’re not really my style. I’m more the rock and roll, edgy, leather, studs, and spikes girl and her pieces are more bohemian with ethnic touches and tons of fringe. I might not like them for myself, but I love them on other people!

Isabel Marant was born and raised in Paris. After graduating from the famous Studio Berçot, she started her own jewelry line. Later she added knitwear (which is what I think of when I think of her) and then she launched her first full collection in 1994.
I didn’t know who she was until she came out with the Willow sneakers, hidden wedge tennis shoes reminiscent of the ‘90s. I obsessed over them for years, buying four pairs of Skechers the moment they made their own versions. At the time they weren’t available online and were only in one store in the world so I called and ordered them. Now hidden wedge sneakers are everywhere (yay!), but I will always remember Isabel Marant as the one to start the trend.

I also recently discovered H&M. I’d never been because I wrongly assumed they only had sizes for skinny girls. Well, now that I know differently, I’m totally converted. It’s now my absolute favorite store. So put together one of my favorite designers with my favorite store and I’m seriously having clothesgasms.

Isabel Marant for H&M is everything you could want in a fall/winter wardrobe. And unlike some designers who do cheaper collaborations, the collection still feels very, very her. It’s heavy on the knit and wool, ethnic touches and patterns on almost every piece. Fringe, sequins, silk, and leather also play prominent roles. In her normal collections, I’ve noticed that she likes to do a lot of lacing down the sides of pants, so it’s no surprise that her leather pants have that same touch.

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