Celebrity Halloween Costumes: The Sexy, Funny, Creative, and WTF

So Halloween is upon us again. The time when girls can get away with dressing slutty. The time when guys can dress up as women (oh yes, I have friends who look forward to Halloween every year just for that). Really, the time when almost anything goes. I look forward to it every year just to see the creative costumes people come up with. Especially celebrities, who most likely have money to blow on something awesome.

A large portion of celebrities kind of do the same thing every year: the skimpy costume to show off just how sexy they can be. I’ve never been into that personally, but that’s probably just because I can’t do sexy. Seriously. If it came to the point where I would be shot if I couldn’t pull it off, I’d be shot about a billion times. I just don’t have a sexy bone in my body. Perhaps that’s why I actually kind of envy the celebs who can. Really, even normal people who can. My two best friends could be sexy in sweats. Sometimes I hate them. Not HATE hate them. Just the kind of hate you can only have for your sexy friends when you’re the “adorable” one. Hello, I’m 31 years old! I don’t want to be adorable! I’m not a puppy! Puppies are adorable. Annalynnes are. . .well, still trying to figure that out, but definitely not adorable, whether I’m adorable or not!

So anyway, off that tangent and back to the point. I don’t consider all revealing costumes to be slutty. When I say they are, I’m talking about the ones that are the same costumes you dressed up with as a child, only now with very little fabric. Like dressing up as sexy cops, firemen, angels, devils, favorite characters, bumblebees and so on. And like I said before, it’s Halloween, so even if you’re in very little clothing, it’s okay and doesn’t go against your reputation. Well, okay, perhaps it will if people don’t even realize you’re dressed up but think you’re in your everyday clothes. See, Halloween is a free pass. You get it once a year so, if you have the guts, take advantage of it. I guarantee people will remember how good you looked forever.

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