Was Cain Really All Bad?


I don’t know where most writers come up with their material, but I’ve always been extremely interested in history, as well as in the “bad guys” in stories I grew up with. I always wondered what it was really like for them. Have the stories changed so much over the years that they were misrepresented? Why did Cain really murder his brother? And did he even understand what he was doing? The Bible and other stories only show it from an anti-Cain point of view, but what was Cain’s perspective in all of this?

Another person I have always been fascinated with is Vlad the Impaler. For those who don’t know, Vlad Tepes was a Wallachian prince in the 1400s who pretty much impaled alive anyone who committed any sort of crime, as well as those who went against him. He was ruthless. Yet, despite the thousands of deaths at his hands, his people believed he was the Savior come again.

I’ve been pretty interested in Vlad since I was fourteen, so it wasn’t really that surprising when one of my uber-realistic dreams starred him. I saw him standing in the middle of a field, water pouring down upon it. All was dark and violent, rivulets of water running down his black armor. His hair was long, drenched to the point where he had loose curls kissing the shoulders of his armor. Then he turned to look at me. And in that moment I knew that he wasn’t Vlad. He was really Cain. Cain had only taken on a different name. In that moment I realized that he had done this thousands of times over the span of history.

That’s when I woke up and The Mark of Cain was born. It’s been a long journey. One that I’ve felt numerous times as I’ve edited it, yet I never lose my love for the story. And it still makes me cry no matter how many times I read it. It’s funny because I never set out to make Cain a sympathetic figure, and yet now I find myself wondering, was Cain really such a bad guy after all? Or is he only the most misunderstood figure in history?

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